A DM’s Ruling.

Spell System:
Spells can be cast for either a Spell slot OR cast as a Ritual, using a material cost instead as long as your class has the Ritual Casting Trait, all materials are consumed upon use when using this method.

Movement System:
Bonus,Free, Simple, and Complex Actions.
Bonus: Noted where used
Free: Taking out your sword, Taking out a Shield, Picking up a rock.
Simple: Moving, Melee Attack, Ranged Attack
Complex: All Spells unless noted as a Bonus Action, Heavy Lifting
When in doubt, ask Me.

Player’s Advantage:
Player’s are given a certain amount of knowledge that their characters automatically know.
NPC’s with Names or extra description are Important. General NPC’s can have description, but if I just tell you, it’s probably important.

To Do:
1: Get our shit
2: Investigate Cave
3 Investigate Woods

Princes of the Apocolypse

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